Tuesday, August 25, 2009

See Meri

See Meri's Blood Sugar Monitors.

See Meri’s monitors are dead.

See Meri run to buy batteries.

CVS Sells Disposable Camcorders

See Meri roar with anger.

Roaring lion

See Meri buy the one and only battery available.

See Meri’s receipt for ONE Battery,

See Meri need’s two batteries…for just one monitor…

See Meri flip out!

portrait of a baby sitting up and crying


  1. Thanks for the comic relief for a crappy situation. Hope you find the batteries you need!

  2. That just stinks! Sometimes, if you find a coupon, it's just cheaper to buy a new meter! I have about 10 meters in Elise's closet, for which I paid nothing for.


    I feel much better now.

    Thanks :)

    PS (my verification word is "diesse" as in this DIESSE BITES!!!!!)

  4. Good one Meri! Do you come up with these blogs at night when you can't fall back to sleep after checking the boys? It made me chuckle:)

  5. Oh- You are SO funny!! That totally made me laugh!

  6. I can so feel your pain it is ridiculous what we pay for any kind of battery , radio , cell , meter and believe me when I say I have my bevy of meters for this very reason .


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